25 Oct

A cigar humidor is a perfect way of keeping your cigars fresh for many years. A humidor uses specialized parts for regulating the humidity and temperature within the unit, thus preserving the flavor and freshness of tobacco. When choosing the right cigar humidor, it is important to take into consideration picking the right size, thinking about portability, choosing a wood type that works, learning how to spot an affordable humidor, accessories, and tight sealing. Cigar humidors come in different sizes and shapes. Firstly, you have to ensure that you purchase a cigar humidor that can perfectly accommodate your cigar collection. A room humidor is a "walk-in" model like a "walk-in" closet that can accommodate large quantities of cigars for an extended period of time. A cabinet or tabletop humidor is the best choice if you have a few dozen cigars that can carry around fifty cigars.

If you love traveling, you can consider buying a portable cigar humidor which is lightweight and small that can be carried anywhere you go. The best cigar humidors are made of Spanish cedar, which is considered the best type of wood that can preserve humidity. Other types of wood used for constructing cigar humidors include oak, maple, mahogany, and cherry wood. The type of wood you'll choose is directly proportional to the cigar humidor's ability in retaining temperature and humidity, So far, Spanish cedar offers the best insulation that is worth its price. Check out this website at http://money.cnn.com/2016/10/14/pf/cuban-cigar-rum-sanctions/index.html for more facts about cigars.

Spanish cedar cigar humidors are long-lasting and durable. Cheap cigar humidors sold online claiming to be Spanish cigar humidors are suspicious and may end up damaging your cigar collection, so better rely on high-quality cigar humidors. The cigar humidors' accessories include thermometer and hygrometer. They come built-in in cigar humidors but there are also models of cigar humidors without any accessories. A hygrometer measures the levels of humidity in your cigar humidor, while the thermometer measures its temperature. These accessories are helpful in making sure that your cigars are always in good condition. Get additional info here!

Tight sealing is important, and even if you have an authentic Spanish cedar, make sure that the sealing is tight for proper insulation. A "whoosh" sound when closing the cigar humidor represents that the cigar humidor properly separates the inside of the unit from the outside. Generally, it is essential to consider the quality, design, lid, seal, hinges, and the wood material when shopping for the best cigar humidor for you. Discover more about cigar humidors on our Cigar Humidor Guy website now!

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